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“Creates charged pockets of air with every movement.”

Flying. Now charged with electricity, an all-around upgrade.


  • Starting with 2 Atoms is a solid 4 Worker start due to its Pure.png Pure damage and Immaterial.png Immaterial amour, giving it no particular weaknesses unless you are undervalued. Generally it is only weaker on Wave 9: Carapaces due to the creatures ability to reduce ranged damage.
  • This fighter's DPS scales with the length of the fighting phase and it takes a total of 120 seconds to reach the maximum DPS of that fighter. When using Atoms prolonging the fighting phase will allow for the highest damage output.
    • It is possible to reduce the time required to reach that maximum DPS through other ways to increase its mana gain such as Magician, Starcaller, Sacred Steed and Pegasus.
    • Depending on the nature of the selected mana gain tool used to reduce the time required by the fighter to reach high DPS numbers, different considerations have to be done by the player.
      • If the player is using an aura like Magician and Starcaller, the Atom should be supported by other damage sources and strong frontline as it is not the most effective unit to have as a carry if it does not reach full mana during the fighting phase.
      • If the player is using the Sacred Steed and Pegasus, it will be recommended to keep the number of Atoms invested into low. This will enable the Atom to reach its maximum DPS faster and also prevent the situation where the mana distributed by the Sacred Steed to be lost into the low cost Atoms rather than other higher cost fighters that will often be use later into the game. The combination of Atoms and Sacred Steed is very strong in the early game as the damage DPS of the Atom will be unmatched by any early fighters.
  • Atoms are one of the most powerful and versatile fighters in the early game. It can complement any builds very well early game since its damage is very reliable. Its DPS comes mainly from the high attack speed that characterizes the fighter. This means that anything that can increase the base damage of the Atoms will have increased benefit from the buff. Since the Atoms are flying, it can be paired with the Leviathan aura vey effectively as well as with the Daphne ability.
    • While its high attack speed can synergize well with those fighters, the Atoms can be easily be countered by a Safety Mole. Reducing the base damage of the Atoms highly reduce their DPS and make it harder to clear he wave. However, it is important to keep tack of the tanks supporting the Atoms since, given enough time, the Atoms can still manage to clear the wave. It is thus important to complement the Safety Mole send with other damage mercenaries.
  • More advanced placement may require the builder to make the Atom tank during the initial waves due to its unique defense type (Immaterial Armor) that does not posses any strength or weakness to other attack types.






  • Proton/Atom was the first (and so far still is the only) unit in the game that did not have a model and only exists as a VFX effect.