Banana Bunk

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“The tree provides food and shelter for its monkey protector. Limit: one monkey per bunk.”

Ranged, but very tanky. Reflects damage whenever it is attacked.


  • Bunk is a very strong unit to place in the early game, being arguably good on every wave from 7-12, in which on wave 10, while it is a fortify unit, it deals great amounts of guaranteed damage to the boss.
    • Bunk and its upgrade, Banana Haven is very synergistic with many Legion spells, such as Sorcerer which lets it be a dps unit, and Titan which increases its overall reflect damage.
  • Be careful when placing melee units too close to Bunk. If it is too close, the melee unit will occasionally tank before the Bunk, which is dangerous if it is your main dps.
  • When sending into a bunk, Safety Mole and Hermit can reduce the damage by a lot.
    • If the enemy bunk is in the split, try sending an Ogre along with a Brute in order to let the Ogre hit the Bunk first.






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