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Legion TD 2 offers two different types of games: Matchmade games and non-matchmade games

Matchmade Gamemodes

  1. Ranked (2v2) - Prove your skill and climb the ladder
  2. Classic (4v4) - Party up with up to 8 players
  3. Featured Game mode (1v1/2v2/4v4) - Special game modes like x2, no save, hybrid only, chaos only and more)
  4. Custom (1v0 - 4v4) - Create or join a custom game which can contain bots, special game modes, adjustable gold/mythium and spectators

Solo & Coop

  1. Tutorial (1v1) - Great to learn the game and basic mechanics
  2. Campaign (1v1 - 4v4) - Progress through challenges, solo or with cooperatively with friends in a Party
  3. Weekly Challenge (1v0) - Hone your positioning skills with a new challenge each week.
  4. Play vs. AI (1v1 - 4v4) - Play against bots of various difficulties, solo or cooperatively