Wave 6: Rockos

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“Loves to wallow in the mud when it isn't busy headbutting things.”

General Information

Wave 6: Rockos consists of 6 Rockos each giving 19 Gold.png when killed (114 Gold.png total).

  • Ability: Each attack amplifies damage dealt by Rockos by 4% (2% against the king), stacking up to 10 times.


  • Spreading out the damage between multiple cheaper units will minimize the effect of Rocko's ability.
  • Because Wave 6: Rockos spawns only 6 Rockos, each stack of 3 will stay closer together and focusing the same target, Due to this, it is important to give extra protection to any ranged units that are split tanking.






  • Rockos Used to have a chance to do critical damage, but this was change to reduce the element of chance.