Soul Gate

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“A symbol of deliverance for those whose debts can only be repaid by sacrifice.”

Soul Gate is a unique fighter that cannot move or attack, but it summons minions. Every time it summons a unit it loses some of its max HP (which can kill itself). The summons are Hellion and Nightcrawler


  • The summoned units are a Hellion (which deals impact damage) and a Nightcrawler (which deals magic damage).
  • All of the minions possess natural armor. The first summon will always be a Hellion, then alternating to a Nightcrawler.
  • To make Soul Gate and Hell Gate effective tools on your field you have to provide one of two conditions. The first condition would be a sufficient frontline a Role tank.png Tank to provide a Soul Gate time to summon Hellions and Nightcrawlers. Secondly, it is possible to accelerate the spawning process via the use of a Steed/Pegasus or the aura of a Starcaller.
  • Buffs applied to the Hell and Soul Gate will also be applied to the minions as well, making aura providing units a great addition, as you can get a greater number of your fighters supplied with a buff, compared to the usual six. Noteworthy, but often overlooked are a Whitemane with its Council ability, reducing the Blood Price paid, and a Ocean Templar with its Resonance healing the damage dealt to a Soul Gate by summoning. Both of these buffs result in more minions spawned.
  • This synergy with buffs is not applicable to single target buffs, e.g. the Legion Spells Villain or Pulverizer.






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