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“The mechanized suit mimics the motions of the driver within.”

No longer flying. A combat suit provides all-around better stats.


  • A Veteran's Booster ability results in a net increase of DPS, but since it costs Gold.png 20 every time its used, it may be unclear to players when it is beneficial to use, due to your gold spent on the boost not being returned.
    • It can be a very useful ability if you have a situational understanding of when to activate Booster.
    • Here are some guidelines for when Booster Should be used:
      • You are expecting a send from your opponent that may cause you to leak, but you still have a decent frontline. Remember that boosting a Veteran switches its role from melee tank into a ranged DPS.
      • You need to control your split to stall the wave. Causing the wave to take a longer path and use some of your backline to tank. This is an advanced pathing tactic that requires a lot of experience. Remember that you only want to do this if your backline can either: survive the split or if frontline damage outweighs backline on that wave..
  • A general rule is that, if you want a DPS boost, you should boost a Veteran. If you are looking at wave pathing manipulation, boost a Peewee due to its low cost.
    • Despite that, it is recommended to minimize the gold utilized in boosting as it can negatively affect your scaling into the game.






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