Wave 16: Cardinals

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“Known to remember faces and hold grudges for up to 10 years.”

General Information

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  • 16 is a swarm wave, and aoe units such as Pyro and Deathcap can help you snipe expensive mercenaries such as Centaur.
    • This is especially strong when the enemy sends a big tank such as Kraken, which your aoe units deal more damage to the wave than the tank, which causes you to ignore it.
  • Sovereign, despite being impact, can also be good on this wave due to the large number of small hits, which causes it to stack up to full mana faster.
    • In the same vein, Hades can also pump out extra dragons faster due to the low individual HP of the wave.
  • It can be worth considering to get rid of your split on this wave if it would allow you to deal damage faster, which you can do by adding more units on your left side

much higher than the units on the right side






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