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“Need a light?”

Wields a flamethrower that deals splash damage.


  • Pyro is an Area of Effect (AoE) fighter and it fulfils a very specific role in the game. These fighters normally do very low damage per hit but deal that damage to multiple units. This means the following: if the AoE unit has enough time during the wave, it will clear everything at the same time. However, if one fails to meet that condition, you will find yourself leaking the whole wave. Knowing how to reach that threshold is what makes AoE builds very hard to master especially since you DO NOT want to split the wave when playing AoE fighters such as Pyro.
  • Pyro can be a terror in the late game despite having its DPS being a fixed number due to its range nature. It is the only fighter being range and dealing AoE damage consistantly. This means that with a strong frontline, which is more easily achevable in the late game, the pyro's DPS is reliable and do not risk being targetted early contrary to its conterpart the Deathcap. The closest fighter accomplishing a similar role to the Pyro is the Masked Spirit line but is only targetting a limited amount of creatures.






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