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Lobby Chat

In the main menu you can use the lobby chat to see who is online and join the Global chat by default. The Global Chat is connected to the discord general chat (all messages are mirrored between those chats).

In the lobby chat you can use commands with the prefix /. For example to join a different chat room you can use /join roomname.

There are also different private chat channels that can be used both in the lobby and in-game chat:

/w [name] [message] will whisper a message to a specific person /p [message] will sent a message to the party channel (visible to all party members) /g [message] will sent a message to the guild channel (visible to all guild members)

Game Chat

In game commands start with the prefix - and can be listed with the command -help and are listed in the in game Codex.

The only exceptions are the message commands such as whisper, guild and party messages which still use the / prefix.