Double Lock-In

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+1 Income
Lock 2 Fighters

  • Locking a fighter guarantees that those fighters will be part of your opening roll for this match.
  • The remainder of your roll is selected semi-randomly, though will be guaranteed to include a range of fighters from different price points, and also cover all of the attack and defence types.
  • This makes Double Lock-In especially good for new players, as you can have the comfort of playing with two unit to learn their strengths without having to worry about choosing good units to pair with it in your roll.


  • Double Lock-In Allows a player to go for two units that are known to work especially well together, example of such units are:
  • It is recommend for at least one of the two locked unit to be a strong opener you can build around.
  • Before selecting your unit, take a look at the legion spells that will be available after wave 10, some units can be significantly stronger with the right spell.
  • More experienced players can wait for their teammate to choose their roll, then Lock-in units that can protect their teammate's weaknesses.