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“Feeds on oil and raw metal to charge its organic motherboard.”

Encases its body in metal to become even tankier.


  • A Golem is a fighter, similar to the Mudman, with the ability to Harden that allows it to reduce the incoming damage it receives when activated. The downside happes the following wave where it will take increased damage from any sources.
    • A good management of the Harden ability is thus very important for the player to prevent unwanted weaknesses. Everything concerning a Golem revolves around the usage of that ability.
  • A good usage of the Harden ability can be one of the following:
    • Better defend a wave where the player expect a big send.
    • More safely shift a set amount of gold to enable a strong unit to compensate for the de-hardened state of the Golem.
    • Increase your defensive capabilities to better cover for an ally.
    • Try to force a send on the following wave from your opponent.
  • It is overall a very versatile ability that can have great upsides when used correctly, but also heavily punishes poor usage.
  • To play around the downsides of the ability, some Legions spells and auras can help the player eleviate or completely remove the weakness imposed by the ability.
    • The Pawn Shop or Sacrifice Legion spells allow the player to sell the de-hardened Golem, facilitating the baiting usage of the ability. The player has to be careful to correctly judge if the replacement of the Golem is worth the small gold cost imposed by selling the unit with Pawn Shop.
    • Some Legion spells, such as Guardian Angel and Titan, have added value only when the Mudman is not in a de-hardened state, where it would receive reduced value. This is true with any type of health buff, where they benefit more if the target has some kind of damage reduction.
    • It is also possible to reduce the downside of the de-hardened state by utilizing a damage reduction aura, either given by a Whitemane or the Hero buff. These damage reduction buffs can make it an easier decision to use the ability, but the player should still seek to maximize the value of the ability by correctly guessing the wave where they will get sent on.






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