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“Its hyper-efficient power supply convinced the Mech legion of the value of mythium.”

Aura. Provides an even more powerful attack speed aura to adjacently-built units


  • While not impressive in terms of stats, APS/MPS do keep their own in a fight and also provides a very straightforward aura that gives adjacently built units increased attack speed. (1 unit can benefit from both APS/MPS auras)
  • This aura is highly versatile and is good with DPS units that have a high base damage. You mostly see it with summoners for extra value but also potent with any carry units such as Doppleganger, Sovereign and Doomsday. Since the attack speed buff is not that different between the APS and the MPS, the MPS is mostly added later in the game when you have all your 6 units surrounding it. Exceptions exists of course, especially if you focus yourself on a high cost carry unit such as Doomsday. Also MPS is great single target damage and can help if you lack some.






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