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Legion TD 2 currently has two matchmaking modes: Ranked and Classic.


Ranked requires four players in order to start a game, the matchmaking system will search for four players of similar skill levels. Legion TD 2 creates matches based on fairness, skill differences of players, time spent in the queue, and volume of players available. The longer it takes for the system to find the required number of players, the system will allow for a larger skill game between players. Legion TD 2 uses a win/loss rating system rather than performance-based (income, MVP, leaks, etc.) metric system. This is to reward players who play to win rather than just inflate their metrics in ways that could be potentially harmful to the game. The rating changes for winning and losing take this into account. If you play against stronger opponents you will gain more rating for a win and lose less rating if you lose.

After the game has concluded, the matchmaking system will award or deduct Elo relative to the size of the skill gap was expected between the two team (by taking the average Elo for each team). Amount of Elo won will always be visible, however you will not see numerical Elo losses unless you toggle a choice in Settings.

Special cases

To ensure all players get the best matchmaking experience possible in every situation, the rating can also follow specific rules in some special cases, which are:

  • All new accounts get +50 ELO bonus for each win they score during their first 20 games.
  • Each season, the first 10 games a player participates in has 2x rating changes. This makes the ratings converge faster to their proper value, and makes sure the ranked experience is as fair as possible, as quickly as possible, for everyone.
  • If your teammate is disconnected for 2 or more waves and is not present at the end of the game or is disconnected for 4+ waves, you lose half the rating if you lose and gain the full amount if you win.

Ranked Tiers

Legion TD 2 has eleven total tiers of rank starting with Unranked, and ending with Legend. A player's rating determines what tier they are in.
In ascending order, the tiers are as followed:

  1. Unranked
  2. Bronze Bronze Emblem.png (1000+ rating)
  3. Silver Silver Emblem.png (1200+ rating)
  4. Gold Gold Emblem.png (1400+ rating)
  5. Platinum Platinum Emblem.png (1600+ rating)
  6. Diamond Diamond Emblem.png (1800+ rating)
  7. Expert Expert Emblem.png (2000+ rating)
  8. Master Master Emblem.png (2200+ rating)
  9. Senior Master Senior Master Emblem.png (2400+ rating)
  10. Grandmaster Grand Master Emblem.png (2600+ rating)
  11. Legend Legend Emblem.png (2800+ rating)


Legion TD 2, like many other competitive games, has a seasons system. A new ranked season begins every 12 months were players have a "soft" reset of their rating to a lower rating. Your peak rating each season will determine your season rewards. After the season reaches completion, the player will receive a loading screen boarder and profile badge that will reflect their peak rating.


Since Classic requires eight players in order to start a game, the matchmaking system prioritizes finding the required number of players as fast as possible. It still aims to have the average of Elo of teach team be as close as possible, but rapidly widens its search range as time passes.

When the game starts, some players on the team with the lower average Elo might be given bonus starting income by the system in order to have a more fair match.

After the game has concluded, the matchmaking system will award or deduct Elo using a similar formula as with in Ranked, but the amount of Elo gained or lost will not be visible.