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Ping Wheel

wheel of ping icons with an "x" in the center. Clockwise from bottom: question mark ("unsure"), icon for the next wave, which in this case is Wave 1 ("[username] wants to send now!"), icon for Wave 2 ("[username] wants to send on Wave 2"), icon for Wave 3, which the cursor is hovering over ("[username] wants to send on Wave 3"), icon for Wave 4 ("[username] wants to send on Wave 4"), icon for Wave 5 ("[username] wants to send on Wave 5"), the word "save" plus the icon for mythium ("[username] wants to save mythium"), and a thumbs up emoji (which will send a thumbs up emoji in the team chat)

Holding Right-click or Alt + Left-click on the ground will bring up the wave ping menu. This is useful for communicating strategy with team mates.

Ping bar

a display at the top of the screen that shows both kings' upgrades and current health, a wave countdown timer, and icons for past and current waves. The display shows 14 seconds until wave 3, and the cursor is hovering over the icon for Wave 3. The Earth King is at 44% and the health bar is green, indicating it is being defended; the sky king is at 100% and the health bar is red, indicating it is the opponents' king.
Left clicking the waves bar at the top will send a message that a send is expected. Right clicking the wave bar will post that you are thinking about sending on that wave.