Wave 5: Scorpions

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“Glows in the dark under ultraviolet light. No one really knows why.”

General Information

Wave 5: Scorpions consists of 8 Scorpions each giving 9 Gold.png and The Scorpion King which gives 36 Gold.png when killed (108 Gold.png total).


  • While The Scorpion King spawn forward similarly to a tank, it has the same ratio of attack to health as the smaller Scorpions in the wave, making it a priority target.
  • Because the scorpion king is a priority target, it is valuable for it to go toward your main damage units and not toward a split. To ensure such a path, make sure you have a lower split and not an equal split due to its spawn in the center.
  • An advanced building strategy expending on the above strategy is to have a ranged unit placed higher up and have a lower split. As long as the DPS on the boss is sufficient, this will cause the boss to deal its damage on the ranged unit, but die before it can kill the ranged unit, spreading the damage of the enemy wave optimally across your units while still being able to focus the boss.
  • Builds based around area damage are particularly vulnerable to Wave 5 Boss: Scorpion King due to a lack of ability to kill the boss, this is especially true if a Hermit is added to the wave.
  • When sending Mercenaries against an opponent on Wave 5, Priorities the damage component of the Mercenary rather than its defense, as it will spawn behind the Scorpion King