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The Shutdown bounty is a game mechanic intended to allow the weaker team a chance for a comeback. When in effect, a gold bounty is put on one or more players of the leading team, which is awarded to everyone on the trailing team should this player leak. The size of the leak is irrelevant for this mechanic. The leak must occur in the player's lane: No bounty is awarded if the player fails to cover the leak of a team mate. Whether a player has a Shutdown bounty on them is computed at the start of every build phase. The strength of a team is evaluated based on its average Power score. Note that, while the formulae shown below should remain unchanged, the Power score computation is subject to changes, directly impacting the Shutdown mechanic.


For the following formulae, we will refer to the teams as Team ahead (or leading team) TA and Team behind (or trailing team) TB, and let PS(p) denote the Power score of player p.

To determine whether there should be a bounty on any player at all, we need to know how far the teams power scores are apart on average. Therefore, we denote the Average Power Score of a Team as:

Average Power Score of a team

Knowing the Average Power Score of the teams, we now compare their values by computing the Average Team Power Score Difference:

Average Team Power Score Difference

We can now compute how high the Bounty should be for all players of the leading team combined. This bounty needs to be spread across the players though and will be rounded later on, so this is only an estimate at this stage:

Total Bounty

Next, we need to compute how this bounty is split across the players of the leading team. To achieve this, the first step is to compute how far ahead any single player from the leading team is compared to the average of the trailing team. The Power Score Lead of one player from the leading team is:

Power Score Lead

Note that the Power Score Lead is cut off at zero, hence it is never negative. Summing this up for all players from the leading team gives us the Team Power Score Lead of the leading team:

Team Power Score Lead

If this value is zero, there will be no bounty. Otherwise, we define the Weight as:


Using the weight, we can finally derive the Raw Bounty on a player:

Raw Bounty

Rounding the Raw Bounty down to the next number divisible by 25, we get the final Bounty as shown in the game:

Final Bounty