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“Nicknamed "Terriers" on the field for their small size and fearless pilots.”

Flying. Has a machine-gunner on-board that randomly hits ground enemies.


  • The ability of Tempest allows it to target a random GROUND creature/mercenary within range with an independent attack from its base attack.
  • The particularity of this ability is that it can only target ground creatures/mercenaries and not flying ones. This does mean that on wave 4 and 17, this ability does not contribute to the DPS of the fighter unless there is the presence of a mercenary within range.
  • Since the targetting of the ability is random, the unit is best used when there is very few creatures within the range of the Tempest. A way to ensure that is to split the wave while still having a lot of delay in the split, thus reducing the effective size of the wave by about half for a given amount of time.
  • Even though Tempest is a pierce unit, the significant part of its DPS from its ability makes it particularly weak on wave 4 because of its flying status.
    • It does mean that, against Dragon Turtle sends, Tempest does 0 ability damage, thus requiring the player of having an answer for that wave despite the Tempest doing Pierce damage.
      • This also happens during range waves, where multiple Dragon Turtle can isolate the Tempest from the wave thus reducing its effective DPS.






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