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Trophies are achievements that reward and celebrate special accomplishments.

Currently there are 4 different categories of trophies:

  • Repeatable (can be achieved once per game and is stackable):
    • Unbreakable: Reached 10,000 fighter value in a solo lane.
    • Lord of the Legion: Survived until Wave 21 (the final wave)
    • Hard Carry: Won 10 ranked games in a row.
    • Close Call: Finish a game with the winning King at critical health (less than 3% HP)
    • Terminator: Defeat Diamond Play vs. AI mode as solo party
    • Ultimate Terminator: Defeat Diamond Play vs. AI mode as duo party
    • Challenger Elite: get first place in a Weekly Challenge
  • Ranked:
    • Silver: Reached 1200 peak rating
    • Gold: Reached 1400 peak rating
    • Platinum: Reached 1600 peak rating
    • Diamond: Reached 1800 peak rating
    • Expert: Reached 2000 peak rating
    • Master: Reached 2200 peak rating
    • Senior Master: Reached 2400 peak rating
    • Grandmaster: Reached 2600 peak rating
    • Legend: Reached 2800 peak rating
  • Wins:
    • Adept: Win 100 games
    • Veteran: Win 250 games
    • Guardian: Win 500 games
    • Elite: Win 1000 games
    • Champion: Win 2000 games
    • Sovereign: Win 4000 games
    • Element Adept: Win 100 games as Element
    • Grove Adept: Win 100 games as Grove
    • Mastermind Adept: Win 100 games as Mastermind
    • Mastermind Veteran: Win 250 games as Mastermind
  • Badges
  • Badges are awarded only for special events are very rare
  • Some examples for Badges are Tournaments, Season rewards or community contribution awards.