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“Her calm beauty and outward faith disguise a calculating mind within.”

Its attacks now also deal % health damage.


  • Priestess Of The Abyss or also known as POTA is a strong early to mid game fighter, being able to hold waves with low value with a proper split. With its powerful ability, it is able to tank part of the wave while healing back up. This also means that the effectiveness of the fighter lies in making it tank part of the wave without dying.
  • POTA and Azeria synergizes well with many units, such as Daphne, Masked Spirit, Sacred Steed and sometimes Lost Chieftain
    • POTA and Azeria has high attack speed with her two abilities and is able to proc Daphne's ability in quick successions. POTA and Azeria's typing are also weak to wave 10 in which Daphne perfectly cover.
    • POTA with Masked Spirits are often able to hold wave 4 with 6 workers, allowing you to ramp up your econ quickly.
    • POTA and Azeria uses mana to regenerate and deal damage while being a high value tier 5 unit, thus synergizing well with Sacred Steed. It can sometimes allow Azeria to solo tank some waves due to the great amount of healing.
    • Lost Chieftain is also sometimes used to make a big Azeria as her skill heals based on percentage missing health
  • POTA and Azeria synergizes well with Divine Blessing too, benefiting both from the max health and increased attack
  • Sometimes you can make Battle Scars work if POTA or Azeria has the most health in your board.


  • POTA and Azeria both does ability damage which benefits from Sorcerer if one can keep her alive.
  • POTA and Azeria has high attack speed and range which makes it strong with Glacial Touch unlike a fighter with lower attack speed like Millennium which does decent.
  • Azeria is really strong on wave 11 due to its Magic.png Magic damage and being able to tank some of the ranged units and quickly healing back up.
  • Be careful not to let POTA get sniped off by ranged wave or mercs.






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