Lost Chieftain

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“Once a feared warlord, now a respected druid who restores the earth he ruined long ago.”

Blesses an ally with the spirit of earth, increasing its max health.


  • Lost Chieftain gives max health points to your units, synergizing well with the same units as Desert Pilgrim. This also allow one to hold different waves by changing which tank receive Lost Chieftain's buff.
  • Lost Chieftain does not target Sea Serpent/Deepcoiler for its buff.
  • Lost Chieftain gives priority to fighters closer to the center if they are on the same row and tie-breaks to the left fighter if they are as equally centered.
  • Lost Chieftain synergizes amazingly with Priestess Of The Abyss/Azeria and Wileshroom/Canopie which heals for percentage missing health.
  • Lost Chieftain has pretty good dps despite mainly used for its ability and is good for waves 11 and 15 for its damage.






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