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“From beneath ocean seabeds, its tusks can easily pierce a ship's hull.”

Its teeth deal massive damage, but it is greatly lacking in health.


  • The Sea Serpent and Deepcoiler is a really strong pick due to its skill. When placed correctly, it can limit the mercenaries sent to melee units as it can snipe out ranged units. This is extremely useful late mid-late game where mercenaries like the Hermit, Witch, Four Eyes and Shaman are really vital in breaking defenses.
  • The general guidelines of placement would be center at the top of the map at least 5 empty squares in front of your next units though this may vary.
  • If your split does not have ranged units pulling it down and towards your main tanks on the left flank, the Sea Serpent and Deepcoiler tends to get targeted after your split dies.
  • As the Sea Serpent and Deepcoiler are placed on its own, it usually does not work with any aura units. They also rarely work with legion spells as they do not do any spell damage and usually is not placed such that Hero or Vampire works. You might sometime choose to use Villain on it though Villain works better on units listed on its page.
  • The placement of the Sea Serpent and Deepcoiler often works against Sky Queen and Red Eyes and thus are rarely seen together though Sea Serpent and Deepcoiler are often picked over the other 2 due to its usefulness.
  • Sea Serpent and Deepcoiler does not really have weak/strong waves due to its primary use to snipe out backline mercenaries rather than main DPS.






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