Red Eyes

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“When its eyes change color, even the stoutest foes quiver in fear.”

Even tankier and charges with even greater ferocity.


It is optimal to place a Red Eyes at the back of your lane, so it can ramp up its charging damage.

  • Placing low cost unit at the start of your lane, in the middle will make the wave amass in the center, making it easier for a Red Eyes to deal its damage to the whole wave.
  • Spamming a Red Eyes is still a viable strategy in 4vs4 classic, for its ability to render frontline income Mercenary sends weak because its charge will one shot them.
  • Red Eyes has the same build placement as Harpys/Sky Queens thus conveniently synergizes.
  • As Great Boar wants to meet the wave as far up the lane as possible, it does not synergize well with Sea Serpent/Deepcoiler which requires the wave to meet the fighters halfway down the lane so that they can target ranged mercenaries sends.
  • While Great Boar/Red Eyes has the lowest DPS/gold in the game, most of its damage comes from its ability which does impact/ability damage.
  • Red Eyes synergizes well with splash damage such as Pyros, Deathcaps or Fire Elemental since the wave would already be clumped.

image of Red Eyes with AOE fighters






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