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Custom Game lobbies offer a lot of different options to play with up to 8 players and up to 4 spectators.

Menu display for creating a custom game. Title at the top; below that are three buttons labeled 1, 2, and 3 with red circles: "Invite Players", "Add AI", and "Select Custom Modes". Below that, taking up most of the screen, are three columns: "West Team", "East Team", and "Spectators". "Spectators" is labeled with a 5 in a red circle. Within each of these columns are four horizontal slots. Most of them are grayed-out except for the word "Open", and have an icon with two arrows to the right of them. The first slot in "West Team", however, has EpvpDani's info; it has a gear icon to the right of it, and is labeled with a 4 in a red circle. At the bottom of the screen is an orange "Start" button and a greyed-out "Start Classic" button.

  1. Invite players to a custom lobby
  2. Fill all empty player slots with bots (difficulty is adjustable)
  3. Set custom modes (more details below)
  4. Configure starting gold and mythium for one or all players
  5. Spectators can observe the game in real time and have a special UI that shows more information

Left clicking an empty slot will add a bot. Selecting it again will close it. Clicking on another player will kick them from the lobby. To change to a different slot the Button with the two arrows can be used.

  • Selecting custom modes:

A popup display entitled "Select Custom Modes". Each option has a blank checkbox to the left of it. The first five options have their names in teal, and the last five have their names in yellow. From top to bottom, the options are: Chaos Mode (You get new random rolls every wave!), Hybrid Mode (To build a tower, you pick a tier. A fighter is then randomly selected from that tier!), Prophet Mode (Your mastermind roll is autopicked. You can pay gold to reroll any wave.), Tournament (Mastermind-only with Hybrid disabled), No T1s mode (All mastermind, but no T1s are in your rolls!), All Visible Mode (No fog of war!), Team Mercenaries Mode (Mercenaries are distributed across the whole team), Fog Mode (Turns on fog of war during the battle phase. Leaks reveal the King area), No Saving Mode (Mythium is automatically spent at the end of each battle phase (before income)), and Handicap Mode (Gives bonus income to lower rated players (4 v 4 only))

The menu activated by the gear icon on player slots. The current menu displays from top to bottom: "Gold: [gold icon] 250", "Mythium: [mythium icon] 20", "Set for all players", and "Restore defaults".