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Mythium.png Mythium is your secondary resource and can be used to:

You generate mythium continuously over time based on the number of workers you have.


Spending mythium frequently (“Incoming” / “Resending”)

  • Maximizes the gold you earn from income
  • Good if your comp scales well (incoming causes rich games that frequently go to late game)
  • Good if your opponent is undervalued
  • Good if you need gold for a particular fighter, an extra worker, or extra value next wave

Saving mythium

  • Pressures your opponent and forces them to stay low on workers
  • Higher threat of causing a big leak and winning the game
  • Good if your comp doesn’t scale as well (saving causes starved games that rarely go to late game)
  • Good if your opponent is very weak on a particular wave
  • Good if you’re very weak on a particular wave and need to undercut your opponents (sending mercenaries one wave before they attack)

Be unpredictable. Consistently doing the same thing allows your opponent to exploit your tendencies. Sometimes sending on an opponent's strong wave can catch them off guard. A mixed strategy of incoming and saving is often the key to victory.