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icon of a worker (bearded man with a patched cloak, a pickaxe, and a backpack of blue crystals)
Visual description: bearded man with a patched cloak, a pickaxe, and a backpack of blue crystals

Workers cost Gold.png 50 Gold and generate Mythium.png 1 Mythium per 10 seconds.

Your strategy should be to clear waves with as little gold spent on fighters (fighter value) as possible. Spend just enough gold on fighters to clear your waves and spend the rest of your gold on workers. Because workers start generating mythium immediately, it’s best to train workers as soon as you can.

Getting too few workers means you'll have low mythium, which means weak offense and poor late game scaling. Getting too many workers means you won’t have enough fighter value to clear waves, which means reduced gold and damage to your king.


It’s not always possible to know if you can safely train a worker, but here are some rules of thumb:

  • If your attacking opponent spent no mythium last wave (either on mercenaries or king upgrades), avoid training workers.
  • If you're over recommended fighter value and/or have good attack/defense typing against the next wave, train workers.
  • For each Mythium.png 40 mythium your attacking opponent spends, train approximately 1 worker. This rule of thumb is less accurate in the late game.
  • If all legion spells are defensive, train an extra worker. If there are offensive legion spells, train fewer workers.
  • If you’re saving mythium, train fewer workers.
  • Stop training workers ~3 waves before you expect the game to end.