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Sky King (blue and silver color scheme Earth King (brown and orange color scheme

The goal of the game is to protect your king as long as possible. When a King dies the match is over. After all fighters die on a lane all leftover creatures will run towards the King.

The King will defend itself and players can control its strength through King upgrades

King Upgrades

King upgrades cost mythium and are used to power up the king’s attack, regeneration, and spell damage. King upgrades can only be researched during the build phase.

Upgrade King Attack icon (red swoosh)

Upgrade King Attack (max x10)

Mythium.png 20
Increases the King's attack damage by 8%.
Upgrade King Regen icon (green with white light)

Upgrade King REGEN (max x10)

Mythium.png 20
Increases the King's health regen by 0.005% missing health + 0.005% max health.
Upgrade King Spell icon (purple crackle)

Upgrade King SPELL (max x10)

Mythium.png 20
Increases your King's AOE ability damage by 9%

King Spells

Chain Frost icon (blue ice shard)

Chain Frost

Releases an orb of frost that jumps to nearby enemies, dealing Pure damage and slowing attack speed by 15%
Judgement icon (staff fracturing the ground)


Slams his staff on the ground, dealing Pure damage to all nearby enemies
Lightning Hammer icon (blue crackling hammer)

Lightning Hammer

Uses mana to unleash bouncing lightning bolts that deal Pure damage
Immolation icon (hand outlined in fire)


Deals damage per second to all nearby enemies