Attack & Defense Types

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Every unit has an attack and defense type. Damage dealt to a unit will be multiplied by a factor ranging from 75% to 125%, depending on the attack and defense type.

There are four attack types (piercing, impact, magic, and pure) and five defense types (swift, fortified, natural, arcane, and immaterial).

  • Piercing damage is strong against swift and arcane defense, but weak against fortified and natural defense.
  • Impact damage is strong against fortified and arcane defense, but weak against swift and natural defense.
  • Magic damage is strong against natural and fortified defense, but weak against arcane defense.
  • Pure damage has no advantage or disadvantage against any defense type. Very few units have access to this attack type: Proton/Atom, Radiant Halo/Arc Of Justice, Ocean Templar, and the spell cast of Disciple/Starcaller.
  • Immaterial defense is equally effective against all damage types. Very few units have access to this defense type. Wave 21: Legion Lord is one of them.

Attack damage is either amplified or reduced by a set % based on the defense type. You don't have to know the exact percentages, but it helps to know which types counter each other.

Chart of damage vs. defense types. Impact damage is -20% vs. swift, -10% vs. natural, and +15% vs. fortified and arcane. Pierce is +20% vs. swift, -15% vs. natural, -20% vs. fortified, and +15% vs. arcane. Magic is neutral vs. swift, +25% vs. natural, +5% vs. fortified, and -25% vs. arcane

You can open this table in-game by pressing F11

Ability Damage

  • Unlike the regular damage types mentioned above, Ability Damage is just a modifier of another type.
    • Ability descriptions of units will mention if they count as ability damage, like Elite Archer for example, which mean that their damage can be increased by effects such as Sorcerer and Rogue Wave's attacks.