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“Possesses first-hand knowledge of celestial bodies and the power to control them.”

Aura. Boosts the mana regeneration of adjacently-built units


  • Primarily used as a support unit, because of the Starcaller's Amplify Magic increasing the mana regeneration of the adjacently built fighters, a Starcaller still offers good offensive capabilities with its Asteroid cast ability. It deals a set amount of Pure (ability) damage to a single target (similar to the Mana Burst of a Disciple) with, on top of it, a percentage health damage to the target (which is also Pure).
    • Despite having part of its ability doing percentage health damage, for the cost of the fighter, there is more value in utilizing the aura of a Starcaller than building a mass of Starcallers.
  • The Starcallers aura offers a fixed amount of mana regeneration to s surrounding it. Since it is a fixed amount and not percentage base, there is slightly more value into utilizing it with fighters with a low mana pool to get significantly more casts during the wave. The larger the mana pool, the longer it will take to see the benefit of the mana given to the fighter.
    • Summoners such as the Lord Of Death have a larger mana pool and often benefit a bit less from the mana regeration aura.
    • Casters such as the Disciple or Zeus often benefit more from the mana regeneration aura, significantly increasing their DPS output during the wave.
    • A player can also significantly increase the mana distribution to their board by putting some Sacred Steed around the Starcaller.
  • A Starcaller can also benefit from the Sorcerer Legion Spell due to its high damage paired to its ability. Magician is another possibility to further emphasize on the mana regeneration aura of the fighter. The Magician aura on top of the amplify magic can make a Starcaller with a Disciple circle a real damage threat on any wave of the game.






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