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The damage taken by an unit is first multiplied successively every sources of damage increase/decrease that is percentage based, afterwards, flat damage increase/reduction is added. Take note that damage increases sources such as Pack Leader and Shaman will directly increase an unit's base damage instead of being added to the end.

While the game's user interface will round numbers, the life remaining and damage taken of units will not be rounded.

Examples of multiplicative sources are:

Examples of flat damage increase/reductions are:

By example, if we wanted to find how how much damage a Green Devil who is buffed by a Whitemane and Hero would take from wave 11, we would get:

Damage taken
wave damage × Granite skin × Council × Hero + Granite skin's flat + Council's flat = 19.204
34 × 0.75 × 0.9 × 0.955 + -1 + -5 = 19.204

Which then gets rounded to 19. Take note that the damage reduction values seen when looking at an unit stats already multiplies all sources of multiplication except the type multiplication and those coming from enemies


A Green Devil buffed by Whitemane will take zero damage from Wave 1: Crabs and Wave 3: Hoppers, unfortunately it is impossible to afford such a combo this early.