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“Within its core, a single zygote splits into three, then fuses back together.”

Unique fighter. It can't move or attack, but it reflects damage. It evolves into a Hydra after 2 waves, or earlier - in a weakened form - if the egg is destroyed.


  • A common opener is going Grarl on wave 1, and selling it on wave 2 for Egg, while building units on wave 3 that will help you hold a Dragon Turtle, such as Seraphin.
    • AoE units on wave 3 will help you hold much better, such as Aqua Spirit or False Maiden, since Eggsack's passive will reflect some damage every time it is hit.
    • However, if the enemy is able to get a brute out, it is much harder to hold. It is up to you to judge whether the enemy has enough workers to send a brute.
  • If you are placing an egg on a later wave, you can let it tank a bit in case they do send by putting it in the split.






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