Aqua Spirit

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“Its playful visage belies volatile magic trapped within.”

Aqua Spirit is a low-cost ranged fighter with a bouncing attack. It has two powerful upgrades that synergize with each other.


  • Has high damage output, but it is a weak opening on its own, due to the fact that its damage is split across multiple targets, rather than focusing down a single one. As far as openings go, it is usually recommended to start with a Fire Elemental (one of its upgraded forms) instead of Aqua Spirits on their own.
    • While not good on its own as an opener, it complements very well other ones. Aqua spirit allows very strong early holds when paired with Honeyflower and is also one of the only fighter that allows relatively safe 6 Worker openers with fighters like Windhawk with the Cash Out mastermind option.
  • Its attack can bounce to targets that would otherwise be out of range, which allows it to reach ranged mercenaries sent by your opponent. With enough Aqua Spirits (and upgrades), you can snipe ranged mercenaries like Hermits and Lizards.
    • Also, if there is a tank mercenary sent to the player's lane and that it is initially kited away, the bounce mechanic of the Aqua Spirit, Rogue Wave and Fire Elemental can cause this mercenary to be ignored, similarly to the Seedling, while very rarely. The most common occurrence is when the player is sent a DPS mercenary such as the Brute, the bounces can cause the mercenary to be targeted early similarly to other Area of effect fighters and particular spells such as the one of the Violet.
      • It is to note that it is an increased probability and not a guaranteed fact.
  • The bounce damage counts as Ability damage, so it is amplified by Rogue Wave's Delusion ability and any other Ability damage amplifiers.
  • It can tank two hits of the Giant Quadrapus (Wave 15 Miniboss), so it can be a cost-effective delay if you can get them to tank.
  • Its arcane defense makes it is reasonably tanky on Wave 7/8, but you also don't want them to die too fast or you'll miss out on their DPS.






  • Aqua Spirit is the first fighter that was ever implemented in the game.
  • A special Aqua Spirit icon was given to the 2016 Kickstarter backers as a reward for helping fund the game's development.
  • Aqua Spirit's design is inspired by the Warcraft 3 Water Elemental unit.