Cash Out

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+21 Gold
1 Reroll

General Information

  • Cash Out is the only Mastermind Playstyle that starts with more than 250 Gold. The downside being that you do not have any starting Income.


  • Cash Out is a great option for players of all skill levels, because the bonus Gold can help you clear the first few Waves or could also enable more complicated build paths.
  • Since you start the game with 271 gold you are able to build some expensive Fighters on Wave 1: Crabs such as Holy Avenger, Lord Of Death, Violet and many more, which can ensure you a very safe early game as these Fighters are really hard to Leak in the first few waves.
    • The disadvantage of starting with an expensive Fighter is that you can't train as many Workers as someone who starts Gateguard for example.
    • So instead of building a very expensive Fighter you can also use the extra gold to train more Workers giving you an early Mythium advantage over other Mastermind Playstyles, for example when you are starting Bone Crusher with Cash Out you can train 3 Workers during the first building phase already.
  • Considering that Cash Out does not have any starting Income it is usually the better choice to train as many Workers as you can without leaking so you can catch up and even surpass the Income of the other players.
    • But if a teammate is playing Fiesta for example, it might also be a good option to build an expensive Fighter as that helps you Cover your teammates leaks.