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“Its blue lightning distinguishes it from ordinary thunderstorms.”

Flying. Now periodically shocks enemies with lightning.


  • A Violet has strong early game typing that offers both Impact damage (basic attacks) and Magic damage (spell attacks). The Magic damage can be applied to up to 5 targets per spell casts.
  • While it is possible to upgrade a Windhawk to a Violet as soon as Wave 2, it is most of the time upgraded for Wave 5 or Wave 6 to hold big sends when built as an opener.
    • Building a Violet on Wave 5 or Wave 6 does expose the player to a potential Wave 7 or Wave 8 send that can be hard to clear for a Violet without the proper setup. It can still tank and damage the mercenaries on those problematic waves quite well. Once a mercenary is damaged, the Fighters can focus it down.
  • Most of the value of a Violet is within its spell that damages multiple creatures. Maximizing the damage the ability does by using the Leviathan to boost both its attack damage and spell damage or using mana generation Fighters like a Sacred Steed or a Starcaller to increase the frequency of the casts, will greatly increase the value of a Violet.
    • While those synergies works in favor of a Violet to make it a strong damage dealer, it can still work well alone to buff a Lioness or early game unit. It is however only with the synergies that it can become the focus of a player's build.






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