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“Thrives when a member of a pride, fearlessly pouncing on foes with durosteel claws.”

Gets stronger when built next to expensive units.


For a detailed explanation on how the buffs and penalties on Lioness and Alpha Male work and how to make Alpha Male and Lioness synergise, see see Warg.

The following units have a value greater than 260: Lifebinder, Iron Maiden, Vulcan Cannon, Violet, Golem, Starcaller, Fire Lord and its upgraded form Fenix, Leviathan, MPS, Fatalizer, Millennium and its upgraded form Doomsday Machine, Harbinger, Head Chef, Doppelganger, Lord Of Death and its upgraded form Hades, Canopie, Deathcap, Whitemane, Banana Bunk and its upgraded form Banana Haven, Kingpin, Deepcoiler, Ocean Templar, King Claw, Azeria, Eggsack and its auto-upgraded form Hydra, Lost Chieftain, Iron Scales, Great Boar and its upgraded form Red Eyes, Nekomata with seven stacks of Spirit Offering, Orchid, Samurai Soul, Arctaire, Hell Gate, Pegasus, Trinity Archer, Arc Of Justice, and Holy Avenger and its upgraded form Sovereign.

Of those, the following have a total value less than 285 and therefore can be built next to an Alpha Male without lowering its stats:






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