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“Its feathers shimmer across the spectrum, its breath as hot as the sun's surface.”

Flying. A mythical creature, now with an even more powerful mana shield.


  • A Fenix is the upgraded form of a Fire Lord and shares a lot of the uniqueness of it. The main differences being the Fenix now being a Flying unit and also having its ability, Prismatic Shield, reduce incoming damage even further than the Fire Lord's Molten Shield.
    • It does share the positioning importance explained for the Fire Lord, thus making it one of the highest skill floor fighter in the game, but best to show the importance of shared aggro. A good Fenix positioning can make the difference between leaking a wave and fully holding a wave.
  • A Fenix is a terror in the mid game, being extremely powerful on waves 13 and 15 is properly positioned. It is such a great answer for wave 13 that its simple presence on a player's board can dissuay a send on that wave if a properly sized send is not reached by the player sending into it.
    • The real power of the Fenix really comes when it is paired with its newly unlocked synergy, due to it being flying unlike the Fire Lord, with the Leviathan. The Leviathan further increases the damage output of the Fenix without preventing it from partially tanking the wave and also covering some of its weakest waves like 12 and 14. This increased coverage make this combination of fighter very hard to break from wave 11 to 15, giving it a lot of control on the pace of the game.
  • Due to its unique positioning requirement, like the Fire Lord, it is hard to make it work with a Butcher or an Ocean Templar due to them being melee. Also, giving the Fenix mana is highly situationnal as it can decrease its potential DPS.
    • It makes it also very vulnerable to some sends like Four Eyes Which can shred the mana shield of the Fenix.






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