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“Practices its fiery magic in volcanoes to avoid endangering wildlife outside.”

Uses mana to block incoming damage and deals bonus damage based on missing mana.


  • A Fire Lord is a fighter highly dependant on its positioning on the board. While most fighters have an intuitive pattern of either being melee and sturdy or range and fragile, a Fire Lord and a Banana Bunk are exceptions to that, making it really hard to position correctly.
    • A good positioning on a Fire Lord can be the difference between leaking most of a wave or fully holding it. Especially on waves where its typing is normally not the best.
  • The uniqueness of the Fire Lord comes mostly from its Molten Shield ability that reduces incoming damage by a large percentage, making it one of the best tanks in the game as long as it has some mana to utilize. On top of that, if the mana is utilized perfectly, it becomes on of the best DPS fighter in the game as well.
    • It is thus, along with its Fenix upgrade, a fighter with a very high skill floor, but great for learning the importance of shared aggro on a player's board.
  • A Fire Lord often does not work well with some auras as they prevent it from fulfilling its full potential. With some advanced positioning, it is still possible to utilize it with a Butcher or Ocean Templar due to them being melee, but is much easier to work with an APS.
    • It is important to note that giving the Fire Lord mana through the utilization of a Starcaller or a Sacred Steed is highly situationnal and can prevent it from dealing the damage a player would expect from the unit.
  • Due to its unique positioning, it is however more susceptible to sends like Four Eyes which shreds it.






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