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“When it passes by, schools of fish appear from nowhere.”

Wields heightened powers honed from years of devotion.


  • A Lifebinderr is the upgraded form of a Seadragon both having similar ability.
    • It's ability is to transfer a part of it's health, multiplied by 2, to another Fighter, other than a Seadragon and a Lifebinder, upon reaching the appropriate mana cost. The ability will, most of the time, never overheal a unit.
      • The ability can not be casted if the Lifebinder has exactly 1 health. The ability also can not kill the Lifebinder.
  • While the ability that a Lifebinder has might incline the player to think that it must not take any kind of damage, the uptime of the fighter during the wave taking place is often not enough to go through the entire health of a Lifebinder.
    • The best combination to use with a Lifebinder is a Sacred Steed or a Starcaller. Those Fighters allow the Lifebinder to go through its health pool quite rapidly. Adding other support, such as Ocean Templar, can create an ideal situation where the Lifebinder can infinitly use its ability during a wave at a faster rate.
  • Having too much Lifebinders will cause the player some issue in term of its capabilities of clearing the wave due to the lack of damage. While a good source of magic damage, the Lifebinder is mostly used for its supportive nature and adding survivability.
    • If a Lifebinder is built early, it is advised to only stay at 1 until you build up a better frontline and DPS. It should also be used as a partial tank to maximize the utilization of its health pool. Like the Seadragon, the player will want to deviate from this once they manage to get a bigger tank like a Arctaire, a Banana Haven or even a Green Devil.
  • A Lifebinder should only ever be built when the player is able to utilize its healing, which is larger than the one of the Seadragon. The player will look at units like a Yozora or a Banana Bunk. If the player is utilizing a Green Devil, investing into the Lifebinder later in the game is recommended.
    • These Fighters work well with a Lifebinder since they have special abilities making the heal be worth more health or more damage.






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