Banana Haven

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“Large enough to host a family of monkeys among its sturdy branches.”

Now throws 3 bananas per attack. Plus, its thorns reflect tons more damage.


  • Banana Haven is a Tier 6 fortified tank, mainly used after wave 10. It has a range of 200, making it stop further from the wave than most of the tanks. This might make placement of it a little tricky, especially if one wants to apply the Butcher/Head Chef buff on it. This is as the ability damage of Banana Haven benefits from the life steal.
    • When playing Head Chef and Banana Haven, the Banana Haven is usually placed on the third row from the left so that it tanks the split. If it is placed on row 1 or 2, Banana Haven would be the last to tank after one's melee units.
  • Although Banana Haven still attacks, it doesnt especially benefits from other auras like APS/MPS since most of its damage is from its reflection ability. This however means it synergizes well with Sorcerer since its ability deals a lot of ability damage.
  • Banana Haven synergizes well with healing or health buff from Lost Chieftain due to its powerful ability.






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