Head Chef

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“Never trust a skinny chef. Or one that wears a cauldron on its belly.”

Aura. Grants adjacently-built units lifesteal and ability vamp, plus an active heal.


  • Butcher and Head Chef are mainly used for its aura and not its stats as a tank, having notably lesser hp per gold and dps per gold than other tank units.
  • Butcher and Head Chef are often seen with Kingpin, Holy Avenger/Sovereign, Banana Bunk/Banana Haven and particularly strong Nightmare/Doppelganger are mainly seen with Butcher or Head Chef. These units can off-tank/tank while doing considerable damage are strong with Head Chef.
    • While that is said, most high value units (200+) such as Doomsday Machine which might not tank still effectively synergize with Head Chef due to its high HP boost from being a high cost unit.
  • Note: One unit can only benefit from one Head Chef Vamp aura. However, in addition, they can also benefit from one Butcher Vamp aura, as well as the Vampire legion spell.






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