Hell Gate

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“A symbol of deliverance for those whose debts can only be repaid by sacrifice.”

Summons even stronger minions.


  • The spawned units are Elite Hellions (which deal impact damage) and Elite Nightcrawlers (which deal magic damage).
  • All of the minions possess natural armor. The first summon will always be an Elite Hellion, afterwards alternating with the Elite Nightcrawler, ending with a total of three Elite Hellion spawns and two Elite Nightcrawler spawns.
  • To make Soul Gate and Hell Gate effective tools on your field you have to provide one of two conditions. The first one would be a sufficient frontline of Role tank.png Tank to enable the time-consuming process of summoning Hellions and Nightcrawlers. Secondly it is possible to accelerate the spawning process via the use of Sacred Steed/Pegasus or the aura of a Starcaller.
  • Buffs applied to the Hell and Soul Gate will also be applied to the minions as well, making aura providing units a great addition, as you can get a greater number of your fighters supplied with a buff, compared to the usual six. Noteworthy, but often overlooked are Whitemane with its Council ability, reducing the Blood Price paid and Ocean Templar with its Resonance healing the damage dealt by summoning. A Whitemane allows a total of six spawns and provides damage reduction for each spawn. An Ocean Templar allows a total of 7 spawns (four melee and three ranged) and provides magic resistance and health regeneration for all spawns
  • This synergy with buffs is not applicable to single target buffs, e.g. the Legion Spells Villain or Pulverizer.






  • The spawns from a Hell Gate used to passively lose health making lifesteal and health regeneration buffs the most popular choice.