Iron Maiden

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“Run to the hills, run for your lives, for the Maiden is here.”

When pain cannot be escaped, the only choice is to embrace it.

General Information

  • A Iron Maiden is the second upgrade of a Cursed Casket.
    • The upgrade to Iron Maiden enhances the ability. Now it also reduces enemies damage by 1, stacking up to 10, when they are hit by the ability.
      • The upgrade cost Gold.png 100.


  • On Wave 7: Sludges a Iron Maiden is very powerful due to their Pierce Damage and Arcane Defense. On Wave 8: Kobras the Iron Maiden is also very strong unless Tank Mercenaries are sent.
    • This is because their Ability will not be in range of the Wave unless the Tank Mercenaries are killed before the ability is used.
  • Iron Maiden should in most cases be built on Magic Damage waves.
    • In certain situations Iron Maiden can be used as a AoE damage unit on Wave 16, similar to Honeyflower. But this is only worth if you do not have better AoE Fighters such as Deathcap or Pyro. You also need to have other tanks in front of the Iron Maiden, so it can cast multiple times.






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