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“Lures prey with a sickly sweet scent laden with toxins.”

Passively damages all nearby enemies with its sickly sweet scent.


  • Honeyflower and Deathcap deal AOE damage to wave, causing it to be strong early game when there are many creatures in the wave. This also means that Honeyflower and Deathcap are more effective on waves with large amounts of creatures and weaker on those with less.
    • Due to the AOE of Honeyflower and Deathcap, you should generally not do a split so that as many creatures are in range as possible.
  • Honeyflower is often vulnerable early on wave 6 or 7 as an opening so it is advisable to have fighters to deal with those waves. On wave 6 where there are only 6 Rockos, it is often possible to leak a Honeyflower. Meanwhile, wave 7 is an arcane magic wave, meaning Honeyflower does less damage while taking more. Hermit heals every creature being hurt by Honeyflower, being particularly effective as a mercenary to send.
  • Due to often receiving sends on waves 6,7, and 10 while playing a honeyflower opening, Nekomata and Berserker are often picked as supplemental fighters on these waves.






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