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“Legend has it, a Nekomata will grant you a wish for a fish.”

Can activate Spirit Offering to permanently upgrade its stats.


  • Although Neko is a Tier 2 unit, it's upgrade is only 30 gold, which lets you treat it as a tier 1 unit when upgrading it, giving you some flexibility in your roll.
  • Neko buffs Lioness while also not debuffing Alpha Male so you can put it inside your warg circle without fear.
  • When sending into Neko, it is very vulnerable to brutes, as it slows down the healing by a lot.
  • If you are going for a leak onto a Neko, try not to send small sends such as Snail as it would just be a free heal for it.
  • Try not to build too many cats past early game, as she is not that efficient as a tank, and almost will never get her healing off in the mid game.
  • Some breakpoints to hit are 3 stacks to kill a wave 3 creep in two hits, and 5 stacks to kill a wave 4 creep in two hits.






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