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“You're worth more than just your income. #SnailLivesMatter”

Weak. Mainly used as a source of income.


  • Snails are usually used for gaining income when you can't afford anything else
  • Mass Snails can be very effective against high damage, slow attacking units like Kingpin or Disciple
  • Snails can also be effective against other pierce fighters, especially Masked Spirit, if they don't have much other DPS
  • Sending a Snail on wave 1 can catch some players off-guard if they do a risky opening. However, if they have a safe opening, you end up just feeding them free gold.






  • During Early Access, there was once a patch where Snails gave +7 income. The idea was to make Snails fulfill a niche of being ultra high income, but knowing that you're probably feeding your opponent an easy send. In practice, people just got super fed. The patch was reverted in less than 24 hours.

Legion Spell

The Legion Spell Giant Snail will transform Snails into Giant Snails which will give them bonus health and damage.