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“Who needs a king?”

Depending on its upgrade path, it will prefer to be near cheap fighters or expensive fighters.


The Warg is a useful unit in the early game. Especially on wave 4, it can provide both health and damage and can still take some hits on waves 5 and 6. Its main strength lies in its upgraded versions Lioness and Alpha Male though, which can be great DPS and tank units, respectively, if and only if they are positioned correctly.

Pay very special attention to the positioning of your Warg, as the upgraded versions heavily rely on the units next to them. The Lioness is a DPS unit, gaining extra damage and armor for each adjacent unit which is more valuable than herself (Gold.png 261). The Alpha Male is a tank unit, gaining a damage and armor penalty for each adjacent unit which is at least as valuable as itself (Gold.png 285).

In particular, this means that one Lioness will not provide a buff to another Lioness, but two Alpha Males can give a debuff to each other. A Lioness next to an Alpha Male gives the Lioness a buff, without harming the Alpha Male.

Besides obvious options of

  • dropping your Warg, which is to become an Alpha Male, next to no units or very cheap units
  • dropping your Warg, which is to become a Lioness, next to very expensive units

there are units which fit exactly in the gap of Gold.png 261 - Gold.png 284, allowing to build stacks on your Lioness more easily.

Why do units in this value range help?

If you are planning to build both a Lioness and an Alpha Male, building them next to each other grants the Lioness an additional stack. If you want to utilize this, you need to make sure that when you build other units next to the Lioness for more stacks, you do not weaken your Alpha Male with the same unit. The following units allow you to achieve exactly this:

Note that Fire Lord, Lord Of Death, Banana Bunk, Great Boar, and Holy Avenger are less suitable candidates, as it will prevent you from ever upgrading them. Also, a Deepcoiler is a bad choice, as they should always be placed way up front to snipe ranged Mercenaries.

For this article, we will call units with value Gold.png 261 - Gold.png 284 a good value unit.

One can place such a good value unit in the center and place Lionesses and Alpha Males around it, alternating. Each Lioness gains three buffs, while no Alpha Male receives a debuff.

A good-value unit center, with Lionesses and Alpha Males surrounding it

One can also place a Lioness in the middle, surrounding it with good value units (and Alpha Males, if desired). The Lioness gains the maximum number of six stacks, while all Alpha Males receive no debuff.

A Lioness in the center, surrounded by good value units (Pegasus) and Alpha Males

Finally, as a third option, if one has no such good value unit, it is also possible to arrange Lionesses and Alpha Males in a grid. This option is way less effective than the other two or just building expensive units next to a Lioness, so this is mostly for completness. Your Lionesses receive up to four stacks, while no Alpha Male gets a debuff. This illustration is only meant to show the pattern of how these two units can be arranged - not to suggest building this many.

Lionesses and Alpha Males only, with no two Alpha Males and no two Lionesses touching another






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