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“Faithful prayer ensures its bolts always find their mark.”

Wielding an arbalest, it now fires five arrows (multiple arrows can strike the same target).

General Information

  • A Trinity Archer is the upgraded form of a Elite Archer. The upgrade to Trinity Archer increases the amount of arrows fired from 4 to 5.
  • Unlike Masked Spirit, Trinity Archer has a main target. This means that it will attack the same target with at least 1 arrow until it dies. And it can attack the same target with multiple arrows at once, while a Masked Spirit can not.
    • The "main" arrow is not part of its Ability meaning only 4 of the 5 arrows get enhanced by Ability Damage increasing effects, such as Sorcerer or Rogue Wave's Ability.


  • When using a Trinity Archer you should always Split. This is because a Trinity Archer is more effective when it can focus its damage on a smaller part of the Wave as that helps it kill that part of the Wave faster.
    • The Split should always be roughly on the same height as the Trinity Archer as that makes half of the wave go to the Trinity Archer and the other half to the Split.
      • It is also very important to have a strong Split to make sure that the Trinity Archer has enough time killing its half of the wave before the Tanks in the Split die. A good rule of thumb is to have an equal amount of tanks on the Main Side and the Split.
  • APS and Dark Mage are the best supportive units for the Trinity Archer. This is because Attack Speed buffs are very effective with the multi shot Ability.
    • MPS is usually only worth when you already have at least 2 Trinity Archers on the Aura (Source).

Video Guide

  • Here is a Video Guide made by Ofma, explaining a lot of the concepts with In-Game examples. Video Link






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