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“Its cyclic, multi-barrel design enables it to sustain a high rate of fire.”

Redesigned from the ground up, its twin cannons deliver far more punch while firing just as fast.


  • The Vulcan Cannon is the upgraded form of the Gatling Gun. While having the same innate weakness during ranged waves (8,11,15,19), it is preferred to upgrade the Gatling Gun on wave 8 to secure a strong DPS unit for the rest of the game. It is possible to upgrade it on wave 8 with a strong economy that the Gatling Gun allows most of the time and due to the fact that, with a proper frontline, one can save up some gold on wave 7 (shift gold) to get it easily. This is true only and only if the previous send was done on wave 6 and was well fend off.
    • This upgrade path can be done more easily by the utilization of a Grarl which can be sold for 90% of its cost on any wave after it has been built.
    • It is important to note that it is not mandatory to get it for wave 8 since many other cheaper options can be used to defend it. However, one should aim to have it for wave 10, as it is often your best DPS for that wave if you stated with Gatling Gun as an opener.
  • Beware of a early Cannoneer or similar ranged mercenary send. Your other units might protect this unit from the wave, but Cannoneer’s ranged impact damage might already be targeting Vulcan Cannon, resulting in a early death and a leaked wave. Late game, be wary of Siege Ram sends since they are Fortified Armor type, take reduced damage from ranged attackers, and will likely target Vulcan Cannon First.
    • A well protected Vulcan Cannon ensures a solid and reliable DPS source. It is often worthwhile to sacrifice some of the passive ability stacks to ensure its survival or better wave aggro.
  • Typically, wave 13 is an issue for the Vulcan Cannon due to its typing (Pierce/Fortified). Planning ahead for this wave is then recommended with a well placed Fenix, Doomsday Machine or Sovereign. Be aware that even if you are strong on wave 12, you are not invulnerable to a long save where a Siege Ram or some good damage mercenaries against your frontline.
  • If your build consist of having the Vulcan Cannon as a core carry, you often have no split to maximize the uptime of its High DPS potential. While it being one its strengths, it is also its biggest weakness. It makes you vulnerable to the Centaur and to wave 18, which does splash damage through its ability. This weakness makes it very hard for the lane with a Vulcan Cannon to hold any sends on wave 18. Thus, forcing a send on wave 17 can help the player surpass this weakness and go later into the game. However, since wave 19 is not the best wave for the Vulcan Cannon either, it is strongly advise to end the game prior to wave 18 when playing this fighter.
  • Here are some notes concerning the ranged waves (8,11,15,19).
    • Its attack speed increase is capped at a lower number since enemy units will not walk close to it on ranged waves.
    • It is advisable to place t1 units in front of Gatling Gun to tank before your tank line moves in front of it. The T1 units can then be sold after the ranged unit to restore its ability so that the wave can meet your tank line as close to the gun as possible.






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