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  • Start with 0 income
  • When you leak, gain 14-50 Gold based on the wave number


Fiesta is the mastermind that is very unique and distorts how you normally want to approach the game because it changes the notion of what is a good leak and a bad leak dramatically.

  • Fiesta allows you to reduce the impact of leaks on your lane specifically. The leaks still have the same effects outside off your lane in terms of gold distribution and potential damage.
  • You are not forced to leak every waves since the gold gained my not compensate the gold/pressure the enemy gets.
  • Try and play for momentum :
    • If you benefit from a leak, try and force it (build as little as possible if you do not expect a send).
    • If you do not benefit from a leak, try and minimize the leaks or hold (build as much as possible if you expect a send)
  • You can use this dynamic to do shifts (save gold for better units) or push aggressively.
  • Look for fighters with high pushing power :
  • A key part of Fiesta is to balance high push and hold. It is all about stabilizing your lane after an aggressive push.