Wave 12: Mantises

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“Its aggressiveness has inspired numerous styles of martial arts.”

General Information

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  • Ogre are reliable on this wave even into strong units such as Golem and Dread Knight due to the low hp of the wave, helping your damage mercenary survive longer.
    • 4 Eyes are also good sends if they have too much magic or impact units, as they won't kill the wave fast enough and allows your units to ramp.
  • Try to have an even/upper split on this wave, as you will occasionally get sent Siege Ram or Ghost Knight, but usually not enough to get send two, so this will allow your units to kill the left half of the wave before attacking the tank mercenary.
  • If there is an offensive spell such as Overwork or Lizard Army and no defensive spell, then you must respect the wave 12 resend even if they just sent on the previous wave.






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