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Anyone can join as a spectator in Custom Games (up to 4 Spectators). Spectating live matches is a feature that is currently in Preview and only granted to selected Content creators while it's being tested.

As a spectator the camera can be moved freely and has a special spectator UI with changeable information: Infographic of player stats. Players from top to bottom are Kingdanzz (Germany), Widderson (Germany), Boone (the Netherlands), and Toikan (the Netherlands). At the top right of the menu is a button labeled "Change View (Q)" with arrows next to it. Categories from left to right are "Fighters", "[Legion Icon]", "Opening", "[gold icon]", "[mythium icon]", "[worker icon]", "[income icon]", "[fighter value icon]", "NET", "[reroll icon]", and the icons for the three legion spells available. Each of the players rerolled 1, and none have any left. Kingdanzz has Skeleton, Gargoyle, Sea Serpent, Mudman, Butcher, and Holy Avenger via the Mastermind/Greed legion. They opened with Bone Crusher, and now has 1 Golem, 1 Deepcoiler, 1 Holy Avenger, 2 Bone Crushers, 5 Gargoyles, 1 Butcher, 1 Mudman, and 1 Dark Mage for a total fighter value of 1755 (-210 from recommended). They have 13 gold, 30 mythium, 16 workers, 244 income, and a net value of 2568. The three available spells were Pulverizer, Creditor, and Sorcerer; they picked Pulverizer. Widderson has Pollywog, Infiltrator, Wileshroom, Elite Archer, Gral, and Banana Bunk. They opened with Wileshroom and Angler via the Mastermind/Greed legion, and now have 2 Kingpins, 1 Orchid, 1 Canopie, 1 Bounty Hunter, 1 Seraphim, 1 angler, and 1 Pollywog for a total fighter value of 1930 (-5 from recommended). They have 13 gold, 107 mythium, 16 workers, 222 income, and a net value of 2743. They picked the Pulverizer spell. Boone has Nekomata, Infiltrator, Sea Serpent, Tempest, Berserker, and Millennium. They opened with Sea Serpent and Nekomata via the Mastermind/YOLO legion. They now have 5 Tempests, 1 Leviathan, 1 Orchid, 1 Deepcoiler, 2 Nekomata, and 1 Infiltrator for a fighter value of 1695 (-80 from recommended). They have 43 gold, 41 mythium, 14 workers, 222 income, and a net value of 2438. They picked Pulverizer. Toikan has Seedling, Infiltrator, Elite Archer, Gral, Holy Avenger, and Banana Bunk. They started with Elite Archer and Seedling via the Mastermind/YOLO legion. They now have 1 Banana Haven, 2 Elite Archers, 1 Orchid, 1 Holy Avenger, and 2 Seedlings for a fighter value of 1750 (-165 from recommended). They have 29 gold, 26 mythium, 14 workers, 234 income, and a net value of 2479. They picked Sorcerer.

Also it will show a calculated estimate of the team winnings chance (which players also can check in the post game graph after the game) A top-of-screen display of both kings' health, a countdown until the next wave, icons for past and upcoming waves, and a percent estimate of each team's chance of winning. The Earth King (defender) is at 96% health, the Sky King (opponent) is at 91% health, and it is 13 seconds until Wave 11. The defending team has a 56% chance of winning, and the opposing team has a 44% chance of winning.